Update – Message from Daniel Cheung (Managing Director) – 9 May 2018 (15:50)

Dear Clients of existing matters,

I emphasise that our Head Office – Maxwell Alves in London – is still in existence (albeit under closure) to facilitate a smooth transition of your file to a regulated entity. Further emails will be sent to you from mid-May onwards. Please wait for these emails. Maxwell Alves in London continues to be regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority.

My contact details are as follows:


Tel (for UK callers): 07391 053502 [can leave a text too]

WeChat (for clients located anywhere): dayang556

Line (for clients located anywhere): danielmaxwellalves


Update – Message from Daniel Cheung (Managing Director) – 30 April 2018 (17:10)

I am contactable by email as usual:   – I will get round to responding but it may take me a bit longer at present.

Our Hong Kong Team:;;;

My WeChat: dayang556

My Line: danielmaxwellalves

My UK mobile: 07391 053 502 – can leave a text too  [If you are non-UK domiciled, please use Email, WeChat or Line.]


Update – Message from Daniel Cheung (Managing Director) – 27 April 2018 (12:30)

Please note that even after April 2018, we will still be transfering clients’ files to their chosen law firms. We will still hold clients’ files and will continue to do so.

From May 2018 onwards, I will update this page to provide  the public with my personal mobile number. I will also provide WeChat and Line for those who use it. (For non-UK callers, please use WeChat or Line.)

Our emails will remain the same (; The generic one also remains the same: . Therefore, I would prefer emails as the method of communication.

As always, we will continue to ensure  clients’ interests are protected at all times.

Daniel Cheung


Maxwell Alves is being wound down in a managed way so as to ensure that clients’ interests are protected at all times.   After 31 March 2018, we will not accept new instructions.


Maxwell Alves will continue operating until 30 April 2018 for the purposes of ensuring a smooth transition of your file to an alternative Solicitors Regulation Authority regulated law firm of your choice.


We are writing to all our clients with more details in this regard.  After 30 April 2018, Maxwell Alves will no longer be providing legal services.


Both our London and Hong Kong offices are being wound down on a managed basis and protection of our clients remains our primary focus.

我们的伦敦和香港办事处都在受控制的基础上停业, 而确保客户的利益是我们的首要任务。

The Solicitors Regulation Authority has been notified of the managed wind down and will be kept regularly updated.


Notice of cessation has also been served to the Hong Kong Law Society and the date of cessation is 15 May 2018.

香港律师会也收到我们的停业通知, 停止运作的日期是2018年5月15日。

We will keep this website updated. Our clients will receive emails and further updates from us throughout April 2018.


Maxwell Alves Solicitors is authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA).

Registered as a foreign law firm with the Law Society of Hong Kong practising English Law.

Contact details to request for clients’ files:

Maxwell Alves Ltd, 128 Aldersgate Street, Suite 127, London EC1A 4AE (correspondence only)

For Seller’s Solicitors: Please do not post documents to 75 Farringdon Road or 107 Fleet Street. So that we can forward the documents to the new solicitors instructed, please send emails ( If you need to post documents, DX to: 104 Chancery Lane. Or post to: Maxwell Alves Ltd, 128 Aldersgate Street, Suite 127, London EC1A 4AE