Press Release: Maxwell Alves wins award on World Refugee Day 2013

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Maxwell Alves wins award on World Refugee Day 2013

Every year the United Nations and countless civic groups across the globe celebrate World Refuge Day on June 20th.          The awareness of this event continues to grow, as tributes and celebrations this year were paid to organisations and individuals for their courage and effort in fighting discrimination, unlawfulness and violence.

Partners of Maxwell Alves, Dr Alan Ma and Daniel Cheung were honoured to accept awards for their work on Refugee Rights in a charitable dinner hosted by Sheikh Mohammed Ben Rashid Alhashimi, Chairman of Truth TV Channel. The dinner was held at London Marriott, Marble Arch to commemorate World Refuge Day.

Maxwell Alves has over 10 years of experience dealing with immigration matters and Human Rights cases. The firm prides itself on helping to keep families united and reunite them, whilst also allowing individuals to pursue and establish a better quality of life.

Law in immigration under the refugee area is complex and demands up-to-date international knowledge. This award reflects Maxwell Alves’ ever expanding immigration practice in breadth and depth.


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