Dr Alan Ma speaks at OPP Live Asia, Singapore

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12 April 2014

Dr Alan Ma to speak at OPP Live Asia, Singapore, 24 April 2014

马博士将于2014424日在新加坡OPP Live Asia进行讲话

Founder and partner of Maxwell Alves Solicitors, Dr Alan Ma has been invited as a speaker at OPP Live Asia, Singapore. This is a unique event focused solely on bringing together top names in the international property industry.

作为马兆融博士律师行(Maxwell Alves Solicitors)的创立人和合伙人, 马博士应邀作为演讲嘉宾参加在新加坡举办的OPP Live Asia. 这是将国际房地产行业的领头人士聚集在一起进行讨论的活动。

You are cordially invited to join us at the event on Thursday, 24 April 2014 at Marina Bay Sands.


Maxwell Alves Solicitors is a law firm with offices in Central London and Edinburgh. The firm frequently undertakes cross-jurisdictional work in the UK / China / South Korea / Taiwan / Malaysia /  Singapore / Brazil / Greece / Cyprus and is also a key player in the provision of legal services for overseas buyers for properties in the UK.

马兆融博士律师行Maxwell Alves Solicitors在伦敦中心和爱丁堡均设有办公室 该律所经常负责处理在英国/中国/韩国/台湾/马来西亚/新加坡/巴西/希腊/塞浦路斯的跨境业务,并且在提供关于海外买家购买英国境内的房产所涉及的法律服务方面起着关键作用。


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