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The Law Society of Hong Kong has approved Maxwell Alves’ status as a foreign law firm practising English Law in Hong Kong
We are pleased to announce that Maxwell Alves is now a foreign law firm authorised and regulated by the Law Society of Hong Kong to practise English Law in Hong Kong. Our permanent presence in Hong Kong demonstrates our commitment to our clients in Asia and determination to provide them with a good service by:
• Being able to respond promptly and efficiently to clients’ demands, including where this involves making a personal visit.
• 得以及時有效地回應客戶的需求,包括可以進行親自訪問客戶。
• Working across and in accordance with local time zones to ensure a seamless international service.
• 可以根據當地時間進行工作,確保提供連續無間斷的國際服務。
• Working at all times to the high standard demanded by local authority regulations.
• 可以根據地方規則以符合最高標准的方式工作。
• Observing a strict compliance to the regulations of the Law Society of Hong Kong.
• 可以關注到,並嚴格服從香港律師會的規則。

Dr Alan Ma, Founder of Maxwell Alves, said: “In just over one year, we have extended our footprints to Scotland, Queensway in London, and now Hong Kong. We would like to thank our clients, friends and colleagues for all of their support. Without the dedication and professionalism of everyone at Maxwell Alves, our achievements to date would still remain a pipe dream. We will, of course, endeavour to find new ways to improve our services to clients.”
Maxwell Alves is a firm of solicitors based in the City of London with additional offices in Edinburgh and Hong Kong. All offices are authorised and regulated by the relevant competent local authorities. Please make all enquiries to More information can be found at

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