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Dr Alan Ma awarded prestigious immigration law position by Legal’s Finest – the sole selection for the UK’s Immigration Law category.

馬博士榮獲Legal’s Finest中著名的移民法律師- 英國移民法中唯一被推薦的律師和移民法專家

We are pleased to announce that a top referral and legal awards service provider, Legal’s Finest, has nominated Dr Alan Ma for their prestigious Immigration Law position in the UK. The award is granted to only one lawyer in each practice area per country and Dr Ma is the sole selection for the UK’s Immigration Law category. It therefore stands testament to the outstanding reputation Dr Ma has established since he begun to practice Immigration Law in 2003. As a Legal’s Finest Recommended Attorney and Immigration Law Expert, Dr Ma’s nomination will feature in the Legal’s Finest Annual Guide Book, to be distributed worldwide amongst members of the legal and business profession. Click the below link to read Dr Ma’s full profile on the Legal’s Finest website:

我們很榮幸宣布頂尖推薦及法律獎項評選服務的機構- Legal’ s Finest提名馬博士為英國著名的移民法律師。該獎項在每個國家的每個業務領域只授予一位律師,而馬博士是英國移民法中唯一的選擇。由此,它證明了馬博士自2003年開始實踐移民法迄今已經建立了卓越的名聲。
作為一個Legal’ s Finest 推薦的律師和移民法專家,馬博士的提名將特刊在Legal’ s Finest 的年度參考書中,會在全世界在法律和商業專業人士廣為傳播。點擊以下的連結可閱讀馬博士在Legal’ s Finest網站上的個人檔案:

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