In this section Maxwell Alves will report on recent employment law cases which are of substantial legal, commercial and practical importance. 

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Since the infamous credit crunch in 2007, the employment statistics in banking industry remain unsettled. Many disputes between employers and employees generated by the credit crunch have reached the courts / tribunals.  These decided cases reveal a number of unique features that characterise the employment issues in banking like high salary with bonus, old boy culture, poaching of employees from rivals.  We group these cases below and the court’s approach on various issues in this industry can be detected.

19 December 2012 – Geys v Societe Generale London Branch  Termination of employment contract, Payments in lieu of notice

13 December 2012 – Imam-Sadeque –v – Bluebay Asset Management (Services) Ltd  Duty of fidelity, breach of compromise agreement, bonus payment, work for competitor

23 March 2012 – Bank of Ireland (UK) v Syed Asalat Shabbir Jaffery  Breach of fiduciary duty

30 March 2011  Société Générale (London Branch) v Raphael Geys  Termination of employment contract, Payments in lieu of notice

March 2011 Attrill & others v Dresdner Kleinwort Ltd and Commerzbank AG   Contractual claims for unpaid bonuses

22 February 2011 Tullett Prebon Plc & Others V BGC Brokers & Others   Constructive dismissal and repudiatory breach

16 December 2010 Royal Bank of Scotland v Ashton   Disability discrimination


April 2013 Dhunna v Creditsights Ltd    Scope of English employment law in teh context of international companies


Employment disputes involve unfair treatment, equal opportunity and employee welfare

May 2013 – Lund v Edmund’s School – teacher – procedure

April 2013 – Bouabdillah v Commerzbank AG – Unfair dismissal – victimisation

April 2013 – I Lab v Metcalfe – film production company – TUPE

December 2012 – Barrister – Discrimination

December 2012 – Construction site contract worker race discrimination

November 2012 – Long term illness

October 2012 – Selection of redundancy