We act for both employers and employees. We have a dedicated web-site that gives detailed information about our work. The site can also be used as a resouce centre.


UK employment legislation creates an ever expanding scope for employees to take claims to employment tribunals and courts. We advise companies at every stage of an employment relationship.

Employer’s documentation

We draft and advise on company’s handbooks and procedures on recruitment, employment contracts, restrictive covenants, staff handbooks, company procedures and policies, employee’s grievances, employing overseas workers.

Advising employers employing foreign workers

If employers are found to have employed illegal migrant worker, they could be fined up to £10,000 per illegal worker and be prosecuted. We are able to advise employers when employiong foreign workers. Details are given on our Immigration page.

Employees’ rights

We have advised both employers and employees on equal opportunities, maternity and parental rights, termination notice, minimum wages, working time, redundancy, health and safety at work, sickness benefits, time off, transfer of business, dismissal and Sunday working.

Employment Tribunals and Courts

We are able to advise you of your rights under a contract of employment as well as any implied statutory rights, and if necessary assist you in taking action against your employer, whether that be:

• By writing a formal letter to your employer, or helping you in private negotiations for a compromise agreement;

• Filing a claim on your behalf at the Employment Tribunal and undertaking any consequent advocacy;

• Assisting you with any process under the ACAS scheme.