The scope of our services covers the following areas.  Given our international background, many of our instructions relate to multi-jurisdictional issues.


Divorce may either be consensual between the parties or it may be contested. We will advise you of the various stages in divorce proceedings. Alternatively, parties may wish to have their separation recognised rather than having a formal divorce.

Pre-nuptial arrangements

A pre-nuptial agreement is a written agreement between a bride and groom-to-be that sets out how their assets will be distributed if the marriage fails. We draft and execute pre-nuptial agreements according to your instructions. We have prepared pre-nuptial agreements for use in England as well as other jurisdictions.

Ancillary relief

If the marriage fails and the parties cannot come to an agreement as to how assets are distributed, ancillary relief proceedings will determine who obtains what. It is our objective to help you obtain a fair share of the assets. We will analyse the strengths and weaknesses of your case to help you decide whether you wish to pursue this course of action.


A common dispute concerns whom the children should live. A residence (custody) order and / or a contact order can be given by the family courts to resolve this dispute.


Trusts may be created if your children are too young to inherit  or to ensure your assets are taken care of if you lose mental capacity. By putting assets into a trust, this may reduce inheritance tax liability.

Legalisation of documents

Legalisation is the official confirmation that a signature or seal on a public document is genuine. Our clients have legalised documents for use in their home country, such as graduation and divorce certificates.


Making a will ensures that your property and assets go where you want after your death. This will help ensure that dependants are provided for adequately. We will provide you with our own Wills Questionnaire so that we may draft your will according to your wishes.