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Maxwell Alves Law Firm Specializing In Gambling Law

Welcome to Maxwellalves, a law firm specializing in gaming law based in London and Hong Kong. Like every coin has two sides, gambling too has a dark face other than entertaining and moneymaking. The flip side of gambling can be many like an addiction to gambling by the underage population, money laundering, loss of personal savings and income and many more. However, there is no reason to worry if you gamble under the regulations of gambling laws by state. Any gambling hub or a casino whether it is online or offline is safe if they are licensed under the gambling laws by state. Firstly, any legal online casino will not enroll anyone under the age of 18. Secondly, the licensed casinos are always safe in terms of monetary dealings. Even after all the prevention, you seem to have a hard time with your casino, Maxwell Alves is there to help you out. No matter if it’s some small problem with an online casino bonus, which didn’t fulfill your expected experience, or some fraud by online casinos where you unfairly lost your money, we can help you in any situation. The dedicated and promising Maxwell Alves solicitors are here to help you through any legal turmoil in the gaming industry.

Our Land Based And Online Casino Clients

Maxwell Alves solicitors are the ace solicitors of Hongkong and London who have won the reputation of being the ultimate settlers between any sort of disputes between the online casino site and the customers. This is one of the most eminent names among the Chinese law firms in London who have never failed to solve friction between the clients and the online casinos. Solicitors Farringdon plays an arbitrary role with utmost excellence and till date has never turned their clients dissatisfied. The firm also gives gambling laws by state interpreting services on subjects such as what age of the kinds of online casino games are allowed to play in the online casinos by the country and what kinds of casino bonus are the sites allowed to use. It basically prohibits its clients to be misled and take wrong steps in the wrong direction. The records show that online casinos face more litigation issues than offline ones.

Previous Successful Cases

The law of gambling in the Hong Kong can be quite complicated for an average person to understand who has no formal background in litigation. Although both online and offline casinos are legal casinos in Hong Kong, it is still illegal to gamble through a bookmaker, and it’s also illegal to gamble in Hong Kong other than through a gambling institution which is licensed under the jurisdiction of Hong Kong.

The land casinos in Hong Kong are rising in popularity with Macau becoming the gambling hub of the east. The best casinos of Hong Kong offer the best of the traditional casino games like blackjack, roulette, poker, etc as well as the new slot games that make it the favorite pastime among the locals as well as the tourists. The land casinos of hong kong strictly restrict the crowd below the age of 18 before entering and abides by the gambling laws by state in letter and spirit. Most Chinese casinos are licensed under the jurisdiction and it is recommended to maintain the discretion and carefulness in choosing the casino before entering it. Luckily, when it comes to online casinos, this amazing site comes to mind. Well, it’s absolutely safe here to game because you are not risking your privacy or even your safety. You’re not even risking you financials because of how affordable is. No risk involved here, just fun, entertainment, and real money.

The online casinos of Hong Kong differ from the land-based casinos in only one respect. And that is the casino bonus offered by signing up with the site. There are various forms of casino bonus that the online casino sites offer, such as the no deposit welcome bonus (the one in which you don’t have to deposit any money from your end, instead the online casino will be depositing a considerable amount in your account for you to play with), high roller bonus ( that refers to an additional bonus on the high amount of money you have already won in the previous rounds), tell a friend bonus( when the casino thanks you by depositing a bonus amount on your account for refereeing it to your friend)and many more such casino bonus. Other than that the online casinos make you tick a declaration ensuring that you are not underage for gambling and warns the customers about the consequences of law in case they are involved in fraudulent activities. If you don’t want to risk and choose an already proven and credible casino site, then the 888 platform is a perfect choice. Visit them now, claim one of the free cash promotions, and engage yourself with some of the most lucrative casino games, bingo.

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