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Angus joined Maxwell Alves in 2013 and is the resident partner of Maxwell Alves Scotland. He is a Scottish-qualified solicitor with more than thirty years of civil litigation experience. He first worked on accident and industrial disease compensation cases (road accidents, accidents at work and occupational illness cases) in 1982 and has conducted and prepared many hundreds of court cases in this field, some involving sums exceeding £2 million. He has mainly acted for injured claimants but has also defended some cases for big insurance companies. Angus Logan also pursues and defends, on occasion, professional negligence  claims including claims of clinical negligence, also negligence by dentists, lawyers and architects.

Angus has handled cases for clients in almost every corner of Scotland and knows Scotland intimately. He has conducted actions in local Sheriff Courts in the South and North of Scotland, the Highlands and islands and in the Borders and has prepared many cases for the Court of Session in Edinburgh. He is a Board member of PEOPIL (Pan European Organisation of Personal Injury Lawyers) and has extensive contacts with other lawyers throughout the UK, Europe, USA and Asia. He has recently  been involved in proposed consumer law reform in a suggested ODR (Online Dispute Resolution) scheme for consumers in E.U. countries.

Away from work, Angus is a keen linguist and soccer fan as well as being a knowledgeable modern historian. He is a subscribing member of the German Historical Institute and of Number 51 Squadron RAF History Society .

Angus Logan  sees himself essentially as an approachable “problem solver” and is willing and able to give or obtain advice for you on most legal problems however large or small.

Professional memberships:

  • Enrolled as a solicitor in Scotland 1981 and in practice as a solicitor from then to date.
  • Notary public 1982.
  • Accredited Personal Injury specialist solicitor ( Law Society of Scotland) 2003.
  • W.S. (Writer to the Signet) 2007
  • Professional Negligence Lawyers Association
  • Franco-British Lawyers  Society