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                                                                                                                      Seminar on student life in the UK


Bank of China, Maxwell Alves Solicitors and University of Strathclyde

19 November 2013

UK has a long history of attracting international students from China. Studying in the UK is a major milestone for all overseas Chinese students. It forms the basis of a successful career whether returning back to China or staying in the UK upon completion of your study.  It represents a significant investment in terms of time and money by yourselves and your family. It is therefore important to ensure that your study here is plain sailing without unnecessary distractions.  Due to the recent immigration reforms, more students find the visa requirements confusing and onerous.  This seminar will go through the lengthy visa requirements as well as the various immigration options available for the students upon the expiry of their student visas. Some examples of the possible pitfalls in a typical student’s daily life will be highlighted and shared. Some practical ways of avoiding and handling these difficult situations will also be discussed. This seminar covers the options of the existing banking products and services, legal regulations and possible methods of avoiding and managing any crisis when occurs. There will be an interactive session for you to ask any related questions that you are concerned about studying in the UK.Maxwell Alves Solicitors is a leading law firm with a tradition of serving the Chinese community in the United Kingdom. It specialises in a variety of areas such as immigration, family, property and employment. It has offices in Central London and Glasgow.  Its founder, Dr Alan Ma, was a student many years ago in the UK and he can give you his personal account on his own experience.The representatives of Bank of China will also be around to explain their available products and services to you and they will be able to deal with any enquiries that you might have.We are pleased to invite you to this presentation on the 19th November 2013 at 5.00pm in University of Strathclyde.For more information on the above please visit the websites or feel free to email with any enquiries:Maxwell Alves Solicitors:  Email: scotland@maxwellalves.comDr Alan Ma of Maxwell Alves Solicitors will speak atOPP Live, Central Hall Westminster, London on 27th & 28th November 2013 on(a)   Marketing successfully in China and (b) Regulation around the world  

Dr Alan Ma, founder and partner of Maxwell Alves Solicitors, is a keynote speaker at the forthcoming OPP Live annual event on the above two topics.

OPP Live programmes dedicate to international property industry and this year’s annual event will take place on 27th and 28th November 2013 at Central Hall Westminster, London. You are cordially invited to join us on both days. Delegate passes can be bought from OPP Live by following the link

Maxwell Alves Solicitors is a law firm based in Central London and Glasgow. The firm frequently acts in cross-jurisdiction matters in the UK and China and is also a key player in the provision of legal services in property investment for clients across Far East Asia.

For more information about the firm and its services, please visit,, and .